Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another Angel has made her way to Heaven,
my cousin Charlene. 

My love for you will never end Char.  
I will always be thinking of you holding our beautiful memories close to my heart.

At peace finally our sweet amazingly wonderful Charlene.

Char`s mom, Aunt Agnes to me, was telling me how Charlene and I would greet each other when we were around 4 years old.   We were 1 year and 4 months apart in age.   It was either with a big hug
and a kiss or sometimes we`d slap each other!  Thank goodness we out grew that slapping stage!

Farmers, ranchers and some of us truly know what Mad Cow is really all about.....and how thankful for large enough trees!!!  Don`t know how all six or seven of us managed but Charlene, Susan, Janice, Michele, Deborah and the Trace boy & friend next door (if memory recalls correctly) at the Blinkensop house in Victoria all scrambled up that tree in a real big hurry after someone made her mad enough to give chase to us all.
Don`t remember if her name was Annabelle but we`ve never forgotten that day!!   Where was the video camera then....hmm maybe not cause we all would have gotten into trouble.  Bet the twins & Michele, wished for a video camera back then when the antique chinese bottles got used for target practice!!!  Uncle Ted and Uncle Henry had discovered them somewhere in the back bush.
They had washed and carefully cleaned them all up then left them standing all in a pretty row to dry.
Hmmm... yah... no I still don`t think it was Charlene and Deborah .... had to be Ralph!!!! 

Thinking back at a day picinc with the families at Allouette Lake how Charlene and I took the row boat out but went a little too far and man did Charlene and I have trouble getting back against that strong
current.   I remember being scared and getting tired from rowing but Charlene was more than determined to get us back to shore and did.   Charlene pulled us out of trouble that time by being the stronger one however we both got in trouble as we were gone too long leaving no one else a turn.
Darn we couldn`t pass the buck off that time as our fathers were right there at the shore when we rowed in!

That was part of our childhood and we pretty much managed to stay out of trouble together. One time quickly exiting off a yacht we had been invited to when we thought it was not quite right.   We
were out of there! loving cousin Charlene....was one trouble, turn...could not help you out of.
I will miss you Charlene and always hold you close in my heart forever. 

Rest up Sweetheart, for when I arrive there....we can start all over again!
Your loving Cuz ..... Deb

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